CMR- freight carriers liability insurance (CMR-Insurance)

The international agreement on road transport contracts (= CMR from french: Convention relative au contrat de transport international de marchandises par route) is an international contract for international transport. The CMR was signed in 1956 and is valid Europe-wide.

Under this freight carrier liability insurance all types of cargo including cold storage transport is covered from the time of transfer to delivery, for all basic risks, for which the freight carrier is liable.According to legal provisions, as freight carrier we carry liability, which we cover with a transport insurance (CMR-insurance).

EU-community licence

For the commercial transport of persons or goods in EEA-member countries and Switzerland, an austrian concession is required as well as a EU-Licence.

The EU-Licence for commercial goods transport allows us to transport within and outside Austria.

At the same time it is proof of professional competence and economic feasibilty, as attained under strict terms, and the compliance to which is regularly controlled.

Certificate for the management system

to EN ISO 9001:2015

to EN ISO 14001:2015

to ISO 28000:2007

for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 28000

Conformity Statement

for GDP Guidelines
Good Distribution Practice of pharmaceutical products


ATP legislation for the international carriage of perishable food